Monday, February 2, 2015

A Song for our Water

Air: The valley of Knockanure

Oh how great and glorious to be alive on that momentous day-
When us Irish people found our feet and decided not to pay.
We shouted stop to metering and EM Radiation.         
let's take back our power in this our hour and still marching to frustrate them.

From the rebel Cork to Donegal the message was loud and clear-
Not a penny for Enda Kenny, our revolt without a fear.
Our success is strong and with us belong when all of us stay together,
And we’ll never retreat while on our feet in our summer or wintry weather.

So when Irish Water is wound-down we will not shed a tear.
When all is said in every shed we could find a souvenir.
There will be no checks or bonuses for Joan or Enda’s cronies-
They’ll have to seek some honest work or a bet upon the ponies.

The watery sun is sinking now on Enda and Joan B.
Their race is run they’ve had their fun but still they cannot see
that we’re awake and will not take any more austerity.
We’ve had enough of their oul’ guff so our water will flow free.
We’ve had enough of their oul’ guff and our water will be free!

By Tom O Donovan.
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