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Planet Earth is getting hotter. Ice caps are melting. Tides are rising. All over the world, the climate is changing. Weather is becoming more extreme. Many scientists are predicting that climate change will get much, much worse.
That doesn't have to happen. We still have enough time to change how we use energy, significantly reduce our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral. exists to allow people to explore the problem of climate change and explore possible solutions. This site is intended to be both an information resource and a discussion forum. We welcome your ideas and we hope to bring you lots of interesting and useful information about how the climate is changing, how we can solve the problem and how Planet Earth is worth saving.

Here is a link to a great website I came across while I was searching the web.Protecting and safeguarding our health is the only cure.Natural and organic nutrition is the best way.Kind regards to all,Tom Donovan.Another great site that I was notified about by Mike Adams of    is    to take us away from the only options that are offered-surgery,radiation and chemotherapy,that many times do much more harm than good.Another great site for health---  educating the citizens of the world on natural health.Alliance for natural health international. Stay healthy the natural and drug free way.Tom.

Phonecall to Irish Water

Hear Irish water admit that they CAN'T cut you off.... around 5:35 in to call.     65 year old Man jailed in Oregon,USA for harvesting rainwater from his own roof for his own use and as defense against forest fires in his locality.    Will we be jailed here for using rainwater from our roofs for gardening and other unpotable uses?  

Phonecalls to Irish Water and Data Protection Commissioner

Myths about Irish Water


Just some of my thoughts on the Myths/Lies out there regarding Irish Water for anybody that’s interested.

If you are up to it I would suggest that you also read the Water Services Act 2007/2013 before making up your mind as to what you want to do.Knowledge is power. When all is said and done, it is your choice, regardless of what the Government or Media would have you believe. I hope this will help to dispel a lot fear people have due to lies, myths and half-truths being put out there by vested interest groups.

Myth 1 - Irish Water now control the supply of water in Ireland.

No, they don’t. The Act states that the Government have EXTENDED some of the functions of the Water Services Authorities (Councils) to the Water Metering Authority (Irish Water). It's important to note the word "extended". Notice it does not say the word “replaced”. So, unless you consent to enter into a contract with Irish Water, the Water Services Authority will still continue to supply you with YOUR water. Irish Water are a “metering” (billing) company.

Myth 2 – They will cut off my water if I don’t pay/Turn it down to a trickle.

This is a lie that was put out there by non-other than Mr Phil Hogan. The act PROHIBITS both the Water Services Authority & the Water Metering Authority, either permanently or temporarily, from turning off/down your water in respect to a dwelling. A Dwelling being a place where people live as opposed to another type of premises such as an office where people work (But they can do it if the premises is not a dwelling.) There are various phone calls posted on youtube where Irish Water confirm this to be a fact, and quote “we don’t know why Phil Hogan said that”[regarding turning down the pressure for non-payment].

Myth 3 – It's now the law, I have to sign up with Irish Water.

No, you don’t. You are under no legal obligation to enter into a Treaty with ANY private company against your will. This is the nub of the issue. There is nothing in either the 2007 or 2013 act to COMPEL a private citizen to sign up to Irish Water. Even if there was, it with would run contrary to the Constitution, Irish Consumer Law, and European Law, and would therefore be completely unenforceable (illegal).
Regardless of what laws the Government pass, you are still a free citizen with Constitutional Rights (to Property, Privacy, and Protest). They cannot pass ANY law that will limit, or remove these rights from you. They only way the could do this is by holding a referendum.
Again, your consent is required for the scam to work.
It is not like the Property Tax that was administered by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. Irish Water are a Private Limited company and have no authority to dip into your finances without your consent.

Myth 4 – Irish Water is not a Private Company

While the shares of Irish Water are currently held by the Irish Government, Irish Water is still a private company (Registered No: 530363). Not to mention the fact that we cannot trust that Fine Gael, or any other future Government, will not sell off these shares to Private operators, as they have done in the past with Bord Gais, ESB, Eircom, and AerLingus.
“We promise not to sell it..” Just like Labours “We promise not to introduce Water Charges”.
While it is true that it is currently illegal to sell Irish Water, or any part of it, there is nothing stopping this Government, or any future one, from changing the law to MAKE IT LEGAL. 
The 2013 Water Act was signed into law on Christmas Day! What does that tell you?

Myth 5 – I have to give Irish Water my PPS number

No, you don’t. Irish Water are now a listed organisation by the Department of Social Protection. This DOES NOT mean that they automatically have access to your PPS number and other details. It simply means that if you sign up to them, YOU are GIVING THEM CONSENT to access, and otherwise use as THEY see fit, your personal, financial, medical and social (PPS) information. Scary isn’t it!
If you notify Irish Water that you are not their customer, and that you have NO intention of entering into a contract, they cannot access your private information.
This is important, as you must clearly state your intent.

h 6 – Irish Water will take any money owed from my wages, 
bank, income, or social welfare

No, they can’t. In the Water Acts its states that monies can be recovered as a “Simple Contract Debt”. Meaning they would have to take you to court. First, they would have to prove that you are their customer, then, that a contract exists, and that you agreed to the price/T&C's, and that you are now simply refusing to pay. So, they will claim, you are in breach of said contract. If they cannot establish that a valid contract exists, the case will never go as far as Court! They would have no legal standing!
No Contract. Simple...

Myth 7 – The meter is the contract

No, it is not! When they are putting in the meter, please ensure that you have a sign in your window, or inform the Installer either orally, or in writing, that you are not, and have no intention of becoming, an Irish Water customer, and to refrain from installing a meter. 
If they install the meter anyway, send Irish Water a letter (preferably by registered post) telling them that you are NOT a customer of theirs, and that the meter, or any readings taken from it “will not be construed as a contract either explicit or implied”.
Also, if you wish, you may advise Irish Water that the meter will be considered abandoned property, whether its on public or private land, it is connected to your house, and that they have 21 days to remove the device or you will remove it, and destroy it, “without prejudice or liability” (this last bit means they cannot charge you for the cost of the meter if you remove it or destroy it).

Myth 8 – My landlord can force me to sign up

No, s/he can’t. A landlord (or Letting Agency for that matter) has NO business, or legal authority, to ask you for your PPS details and they certainly CANNOT sign you into a private contract with a third party without your consent. No more than I could sign any of you up to a Credit Card company, because, well, I said so! And so what if they have clauses in the lease agreement stating that they can? They cannot enter any term or condition in the lease agreement that would deprive you of your legal rights, as a citizen or as a consumer. 
While the PRTB are asking landlords/letting agencies to gather PPS numbers to register tenants, it turns out that this little practice is entirely ILLEGAL!

Myth 9 – Irish Water will pay to fix problems on my property (once off)

Reports are coming in from all over Ireland to say that Irish Water are already reneging on this. People are posting online that they have to pay to get their driveways dug up to fix large leaks, because the issue is on “their property" and therefore not the responsibility of Irish Water!

People, you have the law on your side. Use it wisely!
—- I have decided not to consent to become a customer of Irish 
Water, now what?

Well, that’s a fantastic question. At the time of writing, no organisation has responded to this question for me. On Irish Water’s website it states that if you do not return a completed application pack you are not their customer. So for you, it’s business as usual. 

You will still get your water via your current supplier, the Water Services Authority (Council). There is a reason why the Government, and Irish Water, as well as other groups will not answer this question, it is because IT’S ALL PART OF THE SCAM.
“Sign-up, or else” “Or else what?” 
“Nothing, your were supposed to just sign up!”
Finally, I hope you can see by now that for the Great Water Scam of 2014 to work – You have to CONSENT. 
Without your consent nothing can happen, so don’t give it!
Thanks James for this.. Great work

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Natural Health

I believe we should all strenghten our immune systems against illness of all types in order to be healthy.I have found the best way to do this is by eating unprocessed and natural fresh foods, especially organic.Drink plenty of fresh juice from apples and other fruit from the garden.Drink clean water (if you can find it).Avoid untested vaccines and other unproven medications.Seek out wholistic healers and doctors who will care for your physical, mental and spiritual health.My antidote to the mega business of cancer is Communities And Nature Caring Energising Recovering.Avoid hospitals unless absolutely necessary as they all could harbor dangerous mrsa and other bugs.Windows are seldom opened to let in fresh air.    

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How to fill in an "Income Tax Return" form

Hi Folks ...
Here is quick link: 
Its our friend Tom, calling Mary in Revenue, asking about how to fill in an "Income Tax Return" form.
You may find it very interesting. Please do listen to it a few times, and feel free to share this email and post to all your favourite media platforms etc.
Do not be afraid to call up Revenue yourself if you have any questions in relation to Income Tax etc. After all, they are there to help!

Government is PPS-ing all over us

So, this thick envelope comes through the letterbox. It lands on the floor and lies there, breathing heavily, radiating a sense of threat. Ah, says I to myself, it must be from Phil Hogan.

A billet-doux from the departing giant of Irish politics - off to his €250,000-a-year EU Commissionership (with exhilarating expenses and appropriate pension).
How nice of Phil "Yer Boots" Hogan to leave one last memento of his reign as Enda's Chief Enforcer.
I opened Phil's missive and it was my application form for Irish Water.
I must now fill in a four-page form, "applying" to a commercial company to buy water.
Being a thoughtful lad, Phil has included a 24-page "Application Guide". The opening words at the top of page two are: "Who are we?" And they tell us they're a new company that has a "new funding model" for our water supply.
There used to be an old "funding model". It involved taking taxes from us and using part of those taxes to fund a public water supply. And I'd no problem with that. I like paying taxes for schools and hospitals and roads and water and guards and courts and fire brigades - the stuff that makes us a civilisation.
However, Phil's lads have been hard at work. And, we're all being forced to switch to this "new funding model". OK, fair enough, says I, if the government says it's OK it must be OK.
So, I'll get a tax rebate, since the old funding model is being discontinued, right?
Well, not quite.
The old funding model will continue taking our taxes, and the new funding model will run alongside it. Phil and Enda and Joan want us to pay for water on the double.
And the new lad, Alan Kelly, who got Phil's job, he's also gung-ho on charging us twice for our water.
Why are they doing this?
They're doing it, my Application Guide tells me, to safeguard a "precious natural resource".
Ah, now, come on. Fair's fair. For the sake of a quiet life, I pay what I have to pay. But don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
Bankers, speculators and politicians collapsed the exchequer revenue model - to use the jargon.
Just to complicate things, the politicians funded a gift of - at a conservative estimate - €64bn to gamblers. Some of them in Ireland, more in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, to compensate the poor dears for their bad investment choices.
Since then, there's been a constant stream of "taxes" and "levies" and "charges" and increases of various kinds, to plug the hole the gamblers kicked in the economy.
The government has diverted a lot of money from crucial services - that's easy, just let people get sicker or die. But it's not enough.
Ministers have to come up with plausible excuses for transferring huge wealth from the citizens - so, they think up new taxes and call them the Universal Social Charge, the Household Charge, the Local Property Tax, the Carbon Tax, the New Funding Model for Water - whatever the mugs will put up with it.
It's bad enough stiffing us for this money - it's insulting when they expect us to buy their cover story about the "precious natural resource". These are the politicians who've stood idly by for years while up to 49pc of treated water leaks into the ground.
Page three of my Application Guide says: "We are at the start of the journey together".
No, we're not on a journey together. I don't like you. You're not good company. You're taking me where I don't want to go. It'll cost me money, and that money goes into your pocket. That's the definition of a kidnapping, not a "journey together".
At first, some of us were suspicious of the fact that Irish Water won't sell us water unless we give them our PPS numbers - and that of every child in the house.
The people who sell me electricity and gas and chicken tikka masala can deliver the stuff to my house without needing my PPS number.
My name and address - I understand why they want that on their application form. But my home number? And my mobile? And my email address? And my bank account details?
I occasionally get phone calls from scammers seeking precisely the same information.
Then, I thought, oh, don't be so paranoid. They just want to pick your pockets, not snoop into your life.
Then I read the small print on the website.
Let me amend that: the print is small, it's in solid blocks of a sans serif typeface, grey type on a white background. Not the easiest thing to read. In fact, one might almost think . . .
Irish Water say they'll "use PPS Numbers to verify the identity of the applicants". No need, I'll show you my gas bill, it's got my name and address. In fact, since Irish Water is owned by Bord Gais, look it up yourself.
"Data relating to the Customer may be used for . . . marketing and credit checking purposes." Really? I'm buying a product, not going into business with you.
Our personal data, we're told, may be given to other, unspecified, agencies. They'll be careful, they say.
This is the company that a couple of weeks ago sent 6,329 letters to the wrong addresses.
According to their website, the act of giving them our personal data constitutes an agreement that they can share it with unspecified third parties. Our data can be transferred and stored anywhere in the world and processed by people doing business with Irish Water.
"By submitting data to Irish Water, the Customer agrees to this transfer, storing or processing."
They'll be careful, they say.
If Irish Water is privatised or part of it is sold to someone, or if they buy into another company, at any stage, our personal data, they admit, "will be one of the transferred assets".
It's not just the new purchaser gets our data. Irish Water "may disclose Customer data to the prospective seller or buyer". Even those who merely express an interest in buying Irish Water will have access to all that information.
They'll be careful, they say.
Our PPS number is the linchpin of our relationship with the state. It links to everything - work, tax, social welfare, travel, medical records, whatever. We don't know how this "asset" will be used.
And we don't know which other "assets" it can be linked to by imaginative young techno-nerds who spend too much time behind a keyboard (bank, credit or mortgage records, perhaps).
Privacy is a concern. But there's also the commercialisation of personal data for the financial benefit of others.
Personal information, digitised, capable of being processed on an individual or collective basis, or both, is to be made a commercial "asset". They insist we give them the information for free, at which point it becomes an asset they can sell.
We can, you'll be pleased to hear, find out what data they're storing on us. But we have to write to a box number in Cork. And pay a fee to see our own data. We must also "provide suitable proof of identification".
These people are PPS-ing all over us.
The professional classes are making a killing on this one, with everyone on premium rates. So far, Irish Water has allocated €86m for consultants and lawyers. Just setting up the company and its "new funding model" is budgeted at €150m. On top of which there's a €30m "contingency fund" - which is technical language for "the way these people charge, we know the €150m won't be enough".
The government, I fear, will get away with it. The fighting Irish have shown a remarkable ability to nod and shuffle and say, "Well, if you think so, sir, you go right ahead".
For the sake of a quiet life, we pay what we have to pay.
Let me remind you, as a proud Dub but a realist, that the motto of our capital is "Obedientia Civium, Urbis Felicitas": The obedient citizen makes for a happy city.
Well, it makes for happy politicians, happy gamblers, happy consultants, happy lawyers, happy purchasers of valuable "assets".
Sunday Independent

Tom Calls Siobhán at the NPPR

Tom calls Siobhan at the NPPR 
... and gets absolute clarity as to liability. 
Hi Folks,
We have taken several calls about this link, this morning from many People, and have been requested to resend to all ... 
The link is a call to a lady called Siobhan at the NPPR (Non-Principle Private Residence).  Although it is an call concerning "Toms" alleged three homes, the main issue of the call is concerning a thing called "LIABILITY".
Siobhan was good enough to give absolute clarity in relation to making a Declaration, and how and why Liability is attached.  To be clear "LIABILITY" is attached because YOU make a DECLARATION.  There is NO LIABILITY before YOU make a DECLARATION, and no Man or Woman can be forced to make a DECLARATION against their WILL.
We respectfully ask that everyone take TEN minutes out of your day today, sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and listen to the call. Then when you have finished listening, pass on this email or the youtube link to ALL your friends & family, and ask them to do the same.
This is really powerful stuff indeed: 
This call is vitally important for everyone that has been asked to make a declaration in relation to all types of contracts. i.e. Income Tax, Property tax, Water Charges etc., etc., etc.
Next School of Commonology: How to Lawfully Avoid Court
Information and booking here:
See you all on Monday,
Des: of The Common Law Society

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Waste not-want not:drinkable water is now our most precious resource. Notice to Irish politicians-no fracking in the island of Ireland.We must stay organic--no genetically mortified organisms (no to gm crops).We must save our biodiversity,and plant flowers and shrubs to attract our best pollinators-the honey and bumble bees.Save our woods and forests from greedy politicians and speculators.

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Rambling House at the Seanchaí

Rambling House at the Seanchaí Centre Listowel - Last Thursday of every month, all year round.

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Live Earth CD

LIVE EARTH CD WAS recorded live in the Tintean Theatre in Ballybunion on 7 7 07 to celebrate EARTH DAY which also took place in various venues around the world on the same day. All artists perforned voluntarily and free of charge in order to highlight global polution and global warming. We will plant a tree for every cd sold and it also helps us to bring awareness and enlightenment to as many people as possible, young and not so young, to the terrible destruction we humans are unleashing on ourselves, the innocent wildlife,the seas, the earth, the atmosphere, forests and you can add your own contribution to this list. This great cd costs a very modest 10 euro.Kind regards to all, Tom Donovan     087-281-4887