Friday, September 26, 2014

Tom Calls Siobhán at the NPPR

Tom calls Siobhan at the NPPR 
... and gets absolute clarity as to liability. 
Hi Folks,
We have taken several calls about this link, this morning from many People, and have been requested to resend to all ... 
The link is a call to a lady called Siobhan at the NPPR (Non-Principle Private Residence).  Although it is an call concerning "Toms" alleged three homes, the main issue of the call is concerning a thing called "LIABILITY".
Siobhan was good enough to give absolute clarity in relation to making a Declaration, and how and why Liability is attached.  To be clear "LIABILITY" is attached because YOU make a DECLARATION.  There is NO LIABILITY before YOU make a DECLARATION, and no Man or Woman can be forced to make a DECLARATION against their WILL.
We respectfully ask that everyone take TEN minutes out of your day today, sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and listen to the call. Then when you have finished listening, pass on this email or the youtube link to ALL your friends & family, and ask them to do the same.
This is really powerful stuff indeed: 
This call is vitally important for everyone that has been asked to make a declaration in relation to all types of contracts. i.e. Income Tax, Property tax, Water Charges etc., etc., etc.
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See you all on Monday,
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