Monday, June 9, 2014

GMO Free - The Future of Food - Song

The GM-free Ireland song
This song was composed for the GM-free Ireland campaign
by Thomas O'Donovan, from Tarbert, Co. Kerry
in January 2006.

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Working the Land

The future of food is in all of our hands,
By planting organic in all of our lands.
It is good for green Erin and good for the soil,
And it's great for the health the odd bit of hard toil.

Our worldís been natural for millions of years
And Creation was safe from gene-altered fears,
When species evolved to cover the earth,
And every Spring time brought a magic rebirth.

Some remember old times when tillage was King,
And after the harvest the thrasher would sing.
The oats, wheat and barley made wholesome fine bread,
And the animals slept in a straw-warmed bed.

When the time of the year was in tune with the season,
And without too much school there was thinking and reason.
When neighbour helped neighbour and stopped for a talk,
and roads were much safer for a cycle or walk.

GM corporations are the earth making lame.
If Nature is beaten, then greed is to blame.
By standing against them, and not being so tame,
We're keeping them out, 'cause we're on to their game.

A GM Free World is our goal and our aim,
And GM Free Ireland dot ORG is our name.
Please join with us now tow'rds uprooting their plans,
Because the future of food is in all of our hands!
The future of food is in all of our hands! 

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