Monday, November 2, 2015

Save The Planet

We must save our world now.I believe it is everyone's primary responsibility to become actively involved in any way we can to halt,and then reverse,the wanton destruction of this beatiful world we call home.The evidence is clear,even to the most sceptical,that us humans are primarily guilty of causing global warming.Please, let's all write the history of how we saved OUR PLANET! It has been suggested that if we planted forests all up the west coast of Ireland they could absorb some of the rain from the atlantic and provide timber and fuel as well.We must demand more intelligence,imagination and patriotism from politicians of all parties and none.They get paid enough.The assets which belong to us Irish people are being plundered and sold by our very own troika of the biggest political parties in Ireland. A good site to visit might be-  
mother nature news, covering various and interesting topics and issues.We are all sovereign,with sovereign rights and responsibilities,no matter who think they have power over us.

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